What’s up in County Philadelphia?

Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, is one of the most vibrant cities in the nation and its surrounding county is no different. Located in southeastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County stretches from the city’s border to the Delaware River. With so much to offer in both culture, entertainment and business, it’s no wonder why the area has become such a popular place to live.

In terms of history, Philadelphia County is home to many of the country’s most important events and locations. From Valley Forge National Historical Park where George Washington’s army spent their winter in 1777-78, to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Center where the country was founded – there’s plenty of exploration for history buffs.

The arts and music scene in the area is thriving with venues like the Academy of Music, a world-renown opera house and concert hall, and The Fillmore, which features some of today’s hottest acts. If you’re looking for something outside the mainstream there are many independent art galleries as well as a great jazz and blues culture that has been slowly building since the turnies.

If you’re looking for fun, interesting things to do in Philadelphia County, look no further! With local businesses and communities banding together, there are an endless number of unique events happening throughout the county.

Philadelphia’s Market Fair is a popular event hosted each summer on Penn’s Landing. It features dozens of vendors selling arts and crafts as well as delicious food. Additionally, there are plenty of live music performances and other fun activities like face painting and rides.

The local farmers markets are a fantastic way to enjoy fresh produce while supporting the businesses of Philadelphia County. The Farmer’s Market at the Ritz-Carlton provides fresh ingredients while the Pride Farm Market celebrates Philadelphia’s LGBTQ+ community and businesses There is also the West Park Farmers Market which focuses on locally grown produce.

For music fans, Blues On The Delaware is always a hit. This event takes place at the Wiggins Waterfront Park each summer and showcases acts from all over the country. Additionally, there is the East Coast Music Festival which includes performances from blues, jazz, folk and gospel artists.

Philadelphia County has countless events that cater to fans of art and culture as well. The City Hall Art Festival draws hundreds of people each year who come to see paintings, photography, sculptures, sketches and more from local and international artists. There is also The Fabulous Gallery Crawl which takes visitors through Philly’s Museum District where they can appreciate some amazing works from renowned painters and sculptors.

These are just a few of the many exciting events happening in Philadelphia County throughout the year! Whether you’re looking for a lively music show or something more relaxed like a farmers market or art crawl, there is an event out there for everyone. Visit your local community center or check online to find out when the next ones are taking place!