Philadelphia County – what can you see here?

This short post will show you Philadelphia County, the City Commissioners and their proposed plan for a new airport in Fairmount Park. It will also feature some aerial tours of the proposed airport.

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What can you see from the top of the Philadelphia County? You can see a lot of things, but with some great places to explore like Penn’s Landing, Mount Royal and the city’s waterfront.

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What can you see here in Philadelphia? We will provide information on the public institutions and landmarks that are represented in this county.

The State of Pennsylvania is one of the most important states or provinces in terms of area, comprising over 3 million square kilometers and 11 million people. Being a small state, Philadelphia has one of the lowest population densities among the larger cities, with an average population density of 1,330 persons per square kilometer – less than New York City’s 1,700 persons per square kilometer.

Philadelphia also has higher than average unemployment rates and poverty rates for its size (19% compared to 14%) and has been ranked as one of the cities least affordable for both home buying as well as renting a house/apartment(3/10).

The Philadelphia County Board of Commissioners is the building-block that makes up the city of Philadelphia. It is made up of 26 elected members and 4 appointed members, who however do not vote in their own elections. A majority is needed for a quorum, which means that more than half of the board must agree on something before it can be executed by a vote. At present, two-thirds support each item to be voted on by the county. This means that no legislation can be enacted unless all 26 members vote for it too.

In 2015, this was changed in order to make it more representative to majority populations and improve transparency and accountability among all parts of city government. The new system called “majority rule” will make it easier for some bills to pass while making them harder.

This is a small county in the US with population of about 1.2 million people. The word “Philadelphia” is used throughout the description to identify its main characteristic, although there are also smaller villages and towns with similar names.